Journal of Management & Science

Journal of Management & Science

Journal of Management and Science (JMS) is Management and Science University's official journal. It is an online journal open-access. It is a specialized journal that focuses on the outcome of original science, technology and management research.

Published Journal of Management & Science is a peer reviewed journal. Published in June and December twice a year. The journal's editorial committee is committed to ensuring that papers meet high standards and published through its review process.

Journal of Management and Science aims to provide a central point for sharing and disseminating knowledge and information on technology, technology and management related issues. The Journal offers a wide range of original research on current development and developments in management and technology related fields.

The topics covered in this journal are research papers or documents, case studies and also literature reviews, and are not limited to them.

The editorial board accepts articles on ideas, business models, academic research, consulting plan and institutional practice from both scholars and practitioners. The Journal is available world-wide

Aim & Scope
Journal of Management & Science contains results of original research in science, technology and management in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Multimedia, International Business, Decision Sciences, Biomedical, Health Sciences, Food Service Technology, Hospitality and Tourism. The primary objective of this journal is to act as a channel or forum for publication of research works, short communications and technical notes. Articles are published in Malay or English.

This journal published since 2003 as Journal of Technology & Management and changed to Journal of Management and Science in 2007.

Journal of Management & Science is building upon the work of the former journal of Technology & Management by expanding its scope. From Volume 5 Number 2 Dec 2007 onwards the journal is renamed to the Journal of Management & Science.

Journal of Management & Science published fully in electronic form starting with volume 10 number 1 2012.

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